You are invited to get acquainted with our current offer. If you have any questions or are interested in a non-standard order, please contact us. We will help to choose the best solutions and technologies fit to individual needs of our customers.


The modern aluminium fence that will be perfectly matched to the background of each building.

Owing to the combination of advanced technologies and original design we have obtained the timeless result, nice and natural grain of the wood has been perfectly transferred to the aluminium panels.

This unique combination of steel and stone is the only one of its kind and very reliable solution at the same time.


Match the entrance gate to your fence style.
Aluminium driveway gates with a drive or manually slid.

Classic gates opened inwards the premises are the fine solution not requiring the concrete foundation.


Modern and safe balustrades for your balcony or terrace.

Modern and elegant solution to provide a great looking fence for your house.




Our offer also includes accessories such as drives for gates, door phones and video door phones, fence lighting and letter boxes. Expand the product sheet below to find out more.
Automated systems for sliding and double leaf swing gates
The gate automatic drive ensures great comfort of the gate use and obviously speeds up driving in and out of the premises. It enables the gate, pedestrian gate and garage door to be closed and opened with a single command without getting out of the car or leaving your house.

Our gates are adapted to installation of the automated systems at the production stage. Owing to that, the customer is not exposed to additional costs for adapting the gate if he/she is planning to postpone purchase of the automated system.

The automated systems are sold together with 2 remote controls (it possible to order more pieces) and set of photocells. These are infrared transmitter and receiver to be installed along the driveway opening. When the infrared beam is interrupted by an obstacle, the photocell stops the gate leaves. In the case of the sliding gates, one pair of photocells is usually installed. For the swing gates the photocells are installed in the gate opening and in line determined by the open leaves (set at a right angle). The gate operation safety is also ensured by the overload protection i.e. the module in the control board that monitors the operating force of the gate operator. If the force increases (it is the case when the gate feels the resistance), the operator changes the movement direction of the gate leaf.
The set also includes the warning lamp that illuminates when the leaf moves to warn in this way the vehicles moving on the road of the car driving out of the premises.

We offer sale and professional connection of the automated systems of all recognised manufacturers.

Door phones and video door phones
Our offer includes door phones equipped with the fingerprint reader, code keyboard, card reader and video camera. Owing to the above solutions, the door phone functionality is extended. The modern design also emphasizes the fence features and gives prestige to the premises.
Fence lighting
The beautifully lighted fence creates a new reality, is perfect and subtle finishing element of the fence and also increases comfort of moving on the premises.

However, it must be noted that too many lighting points, not creating the well thought out arrangement, may overwhelm.

We install the fence post lighting, ground and wall lighting according to the customer request and vision. We readily help you to choose the optimum solution that effectively emphasizes the aesthetic features of the aluminium fence, architectural concrete and gabion baskets.

Modern letter boxes
We offer the boxes for external installation on the fence, surface mounted and recessed ones, made according to custom dimensions. It is possible to add the street name and house number. The boxes are made of stainless steel. Each model is resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. The boxes may be additionally equipped with the door phone and video camera, fingerprint reader, code keyboard or card reader. Owing to that, the box functionality is increased and its modern nature ideally fits the aluminium fence and steel finish details of the fence i.e. gate pull handle.
House numbers
The house number made of polished, mirror finished or ground stainless steel, made according to custom dimensions, laser engraved and intended for own installation on the fence, house or wall.
Gate masking strips
They make it possible to maintain total privacy of the premises, are made of aluminium and painted to any RAL colour. They are designed to eliminate clearance between the post and pedestrian gate or gate
Stainless steel pull handles
They are made of brushed stainless steel or painted in any RAL colour, give the nature to the premises and increase the use comfort.

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