Product name


It emphasizes the individual nature of the premises and effectively protects from intruders.
The modern, simple and very elegant and nice form is ideal for both residential houses, institutional buildings and companies. The swing gate can be mounted when between the fence and the garage there is such space that communication inside the premises is not obstructed after opening the leaves. It should be noted that the leaves must be opened inside the premises.

Advantages of double leaf swing gates

  • Unlike the sliding gates, the swing gates do not need the concrete foundation,
  • pedestrian gate can be installed at any side of the gate,

Product features

MATERIAL: Aluminium
DESIGN: Aluminium / Steel one
DIMENSIONS: We produce gates according to custom dimensions, but the gate opening width should be at least 2.4 m, and we recommend larger opening widths that enable comfortable driving in the premises from road, without making an excessive turn.
FINISHING: Aluminium is powder coated in any colour from RAL chart or wood effect coated.


  • Set of adjustable hinges,
  • Vertical locking bolt,
  • Horizontal beam prepared for the automated system,
  • Gate lower lock


  • Set of masking strips,
  • Installation of the gate lock that can be locked with a key,
  • Stainless steel or aluminium pull handle,
  • Decorative details,
  • Posts,
  • Lighting,
  • Automated gate system

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